Willy  Fontanez

"Willy Putty"

Looking for life changing events with a strong Catholic Foundation?  

What is Willy PUtty? 

Willy Putty Ministries is the brain child of William "Willy Putty" Fontanez.  In 2003 Willy started a retreat ministry that focuses on changing your personal attitude toward Christ by teaching one basic principle.  "You can't be formed, until you are transformed."

     Starting with teenagers in Catholic Confirmation Retreats, Willy has expanded his ministry to all age groups within the church.  Children's ministry to Senior Adult ministry, Willy uses his personal life experiences to share his faith and  bring you to a better understanding of your own.


A typical Retreat is 8 hours long, begining to end, but can be customized to your groups needs.


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The Guiding force of Willy Putty Ministries is simple.  "Love yourself, so you can better love others."