Chef William Fontanez Jr.

Chef Willy, as he is now affectionally known, is a devout husband and father of 4 children ages 1-15 and a veteran of the United States Army Chaplain Corps. He served honorably, and took that training and work ethic with him to the civilian world. 

He was a full time Catholic Youth Minister and Itinerant minister for 17 years before launching a food truck in 2013.  

He is now an advocate for the homeless of Oklahoma City and is working with other businesses to build a strong community of people on the street.  (

Parish Retreats
Team Building
Serving through action
Confirmation Retreats
     -Jr. High and High School
Family Retreats *

If you you would like to hire him to speak at your church or business and/or provide training, please contact through email. or by phone

When you don't know where to start, look down at your feet and ​start with the left. -Chef Willy

Willy Putty Ministries

Want to have Chef William at your next event?

Our fee is simple and straight forward.

Host pays for Travel (By air if more than 200 miles), lodging (hotel/motel only), and meals.  

I prefer to fly Southwest Airlines when possible because I travel with checked bags.  It is almost always the least expensive option and provides the most flexibility.


I fly from Oklahoma City Airport (OKC)

Name on ticket should be William Fontanez Jr.

I charge;

$500 per day

$500 per night away from my family

Not to exceed two nights away from my family.

Payment in full is due at the time of booking.

If your event is cancelled, we can reschedule if our schedule allows.  Any and all added expenses for the change will be the host's responsibility.

Payment can be made by Check or Credit Card.

*family retreats include additional cost for travel and lodging because I will be traveling with my family.  Other cost remain the same.  Overnights are not charged when my family is with me.